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EZ AgSM Mobile is here.


Live on the Apple App and Google Play Stores today!

EZ Ag Mobile creates a self-service environment for our clients, enabling them to access policy information and pay their bills on the go. The following marketing items are available to help you promote this convenient new app.

Download the app now!


Interactive Agent Guide

To help you understand and sell the advantages of EZ Ag Mobile, this PDF includes features, benefits and FAQs. It provides comprehensive information and images that will help you answer client questions. Click here to view the interactive PDF.


EZ Ag Mobile Storefront Items

Nationwide EZ Ag Mobile Storefront items include a poster and buckslip.  Each features a QR Code linking to the Apple App Store or Google Play for instant app download. Both items will be available for order through the Nationwide and Allied Marketing Storefronts.


NWAGear Featured Items

EZ Ag Mobile featured items available for you to order at NWAGear include a cell phone wallet and a mobile phone screen cleaning pad.  These items are available for purchase after 10/10/14.

Click here to order.